May 24, 2024
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5 Inspiring Ideas for Designing Unique Countertops with CenturyLaminates

If you are tired of scratches on your countertops and fake-looking stones and marbles, laminates are just the right thing for your countertops. Laminate countertops are now being widely used due to their enhanced graphics, lasting surfaces, and improved edging techniques. Laminate for countertops can be a great option and can be mixed with contrasting substances like hardwood and stainless steel.

Countertops designed with laminates are highly durable, cost-effective, and easy to maintain, with a wide range of designs and colors to choose from. These make cleaning spills, grease, or dirt so easy with just a regular wipe with a damp cloth, and the countertops retain their beauty over time, making it a practical solution along with enhancing the beauty of your home.

However, as excellent as laminates for countertops turn out to be, choosing the kind of design according to your home can be a hectic task. For this purpose, this article lists 5 inspiring ideas for designing unique countertops with laminates and starts choosing any idea you like best to design your home.

1. Wood laminates:

    Do you wish to have a wooden countertop but without the hassle of worrying about cleanliness and hygiene? Then wood grain laminates are just the thing for your kitchen. With this countertop, you get the warm tones and aesthetics of wood, along with the convenience of hygiene and easy-to-clean surfaces. Consider premium wood laminate to add a more realistic look and patterns to your countertops.

    2. Concrete Laminate Countertops:

    If you are looking for an urban and industrial look, a laminate countertop with a sophisticated concrete appearance. It is a classic design that replicates stone marble and granite but is integrated with the modern designs and trends of laminates.These would make excellent kitchen, office, and dining table countertops. Due to the laminate, the color does not fade over time and lasts for a long time.

    3. Modern Square-Edge Countertops:

    Square-edge countertops have evolved considerably with laminates. They provide an excellent structure and intriguing geometry that goes perfectly well with contemporary homes. These countertops define simplicity and elegance and, at the same time, are unique and modern and make the perfect centerpiece or dining table for your home.

    4. Lucida Laminate Countertops:

    Shelves and side tables in your bedroom are the perfect experiment for Lucida laminate countertops. You can either design the entire tables out of these laminates or decorate them partially. According to the color and designs of your bedroom, you can pick whatever colors, patterns, and textures in alignment and contrast with your bedroom.

    5. Wrap-Around Countertops:

    Wrap Around laminate countertops are an excellent option for office cabins and workspaces. This looks elegant, sophisticated and leaves a lasting impression on people. I prefer basic solid colors for these laminate countertops to maintain the standard look while ensuring class.

    Along with styling your home and offices, you have to find the right balance of picking out the laminates that are affordable and durable for your use. Laminates that are made by ViroKill technology make excellent choices for kitchen and restaurant spaces. You need to review and choose what you are looking for from a wide range of laminates and make sure to design and customize the furniture around the countertop accordingly.

    These ideas will help you create beautiful laminate countertops that will last for a long time without continuous repair and renovation. CenturyLaminates provides you with the finest laminate range and different colors, patterns, textures, and designs to choose from. Special resins are used to provide strength and rigidity to the laminates, making them resistant to scratches and dents. All CenturyLaminates provide the highest level of precision and consistency. Although they are designed with the utmost skills and techniques, we provide our customers with a 10-year warranty.

    Contact CenturyLaminates today to refurbish or build your countertops from scratch and enhance your living space by choosing classy and elegant laminates for your home. 

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