May 24, 2024

Important Things to Remember While Buying a Touring Bike

Some people love the adventure of being on the road and exploring new places. If you are among those souls, you are at the right place! Whether solo or with friends, road trips are thrilling, and the ideal vehicle can make the whole journey even more amusing. This is where a touring bike comes to mind!

A touring bike is specially designed for road trips and long tours. This type of two-wheeler is the first choice of both experienced and newbie riders. The options in terms of features and pricing are many, and it might get difficult to find the most suitable one for your riding diaries. However, you can buy the best touring bike with a few smart tips and tricks.

Let’s explore the different factors and conditions you must consider while selecting a bike for your trips and tours.

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Touring Bike

You must be excited about owning a touring bike. Keep the excitement high, but you must also ask the following questions to yourself!

1.    Why Do You Need a Touring Bike?

As already established, touring bikes are for long tours and road trips. They tend to have larger body frames, fuel tanks, storage space, etc. Also, they are heavier than roadster bikes or cruisers. While you can use them regularly, it is more suitable for long journeys!

2.    Is It Your First Bike?

If this is your first purchase, there may be better choices than a touring bike. Mostly, riders with experience of a few years and skills opt for touring bikes. It is because experience and skill make handling such a hefty bike easier. When you are just learning to ride or in the beginning phase of getting on the road, it is better to set your hands on lighter, easier-to-ride two-wheelers.

3.    Are You Riding Solo or with a Passenger?

Two people mean more load on the vehicle. The good thing is that bikes built for touring can easily handle the weight of two. Some touring bikes are apt for two riders and come with additional storage space.

4.    What is Your Budget?

You can either check out all the options you have and then pick a budget, or you can first set a budget and then filter your options accordingly. The first method is best when you do not have any restrictions on the pricing, and the second is more suitable for a limited budget. The more advanced model and exciting features you want, the price can go higher. Remember to keep some consideration space as you may add customisation to your bike and need to buy accessories!

5.    Should You Buy a New or a Used Bike?

Riding a new bike is a different feeling altogether! It comes from the manufacturer to you directly with no flaws or damage caused by any previous owner. It also has perks like a factory warranty and zero miles. On the other hand, if you have a lower budget, want to save money or desire a sustainable approach, a used bike is a better option.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Touring Bike

Different types of bikes come with different features. Here are some of the features you will have to assess before you place an order for your favourite bike!

1.    Engine Size

Engine sizes can have an average range between 1037cc and 1833cc. Since these bikes are on the bulkier side, they require a high-power engine. The best way to select the engine size is to start on the smaller side and gradually increase towards more power. The engine influences the price to a great extent.

2.    Body Size

Touring bikes are generally bigger in size. However, it being suitable for only tall and big riders is a myth. When you are buying a bike, you just have to make sure you are comfortable with it. Check out if the height, seat size, positioning of handlebars, and weight are favourable. It may need a little learning and patience, but it will be a smooth ride once you are comfortable with your ride!

3.    Looks and Personalisation

These two parameters are completely dependent on personal preferences. The colour, model, and details you like will determine the final purchase. Personalisation is available too! You may like a particular bike for its engine and storage space, but the colour or style may not match your taste. Personalisation can solve the problem. You will enjoy creative freedom from basic paint jobs, custom handlebars, engraving, lighting, and seat changes to adding giant wheels!

4.    Maintenance

Purchasing a bike is not a one-time investment. You will have to do proper and regular maintenance, cleaning, and servicing. Try to get a basic idea of how much you must spend on maintenance before finalising the deal.

Test Ride!

Do not shy away from booking a test ride. Suppose you want to buy a BMW K 1600 GTL. You can read about the bike and do all your research; however, a test drive will give you a realistic idea of the experience that awaits you.


Multiple bikes like a BMW touring bike are easily available with robust performance. You should compare different models based on the above mentioned parameters to find the most appropriate option. Focus on your requirements as you explore your options, as the top bike in the market doesn’t necessarily have to be the best bike for you.

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