July 19, 2024
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Real Results: 8 Case Studies Demonstrating the Performance of Sainik 710 Plywood

Plywood is recognized as the fundamental pivotal material in the building and decorating industry. Plywood is often said for its strength, versatility, and reliability. Amongst various options comprehensively termed, Sainik 710 Plywood is one of the products that grab the attention of users for its outstanding performance. In this article, we shall illustrate the experiences of the various professionals who used Sainik Plywood in their projects.

  • Ankush Jain- Residential construction

The Sainik 710 Plywood brand was sought by Ankush Jain, a leading interior designer in the building industry, who used it for a high-end residential project in Bangalore. Its ability to withstand moisture and termites was reason enough to choose Sainik 710 plywood as the main material for making kitchen cabinets and bathroom closets. Sainik 710 is very durable and until now no sign of damage was noticed even after three years. 

  • Tulika Sarawgi – Interior Design & Architecture

The work of the interior designer Tulika Sarawgi was visible in the customized furniture made using Sainik 710 plywood in a luxury apartment. She appreciated the exterior sleek surface and the unmistakable convenience of individualization.

Sainik 710 allows for those detailed carvings without being compromised on the solidity. After she designed some pieces of furniture they turned out to be firm in construction and also beautiful and, consequently, she won her client’s respect.

  • Aditya Garodia -Architect

One of the clients, Aditya Garodia, who is an architect, chose Sainik 710 for office workstations and conference tables. “We had to set up the office in a place that was quite high in humidity level, which required us to use materials that could stand that,” Garodia said. The plywood sheets were specifically obtained because of their resistance to warping and swelling. It has not only kept its structural integrity but also its appearance as well.

  • Mr. Agarwal – Modular kitchens

As for the segment of modular kitchen, Prakash Agarwal, an interior designer has counted on the range of Sainik 710 Plywood in many projects. He also stressed its excellent strength when being subject to boiling waterproof grade. Sainik 710 excelled in performing both tasks making it our top choice for our promotional kitchen cabinets, concluded Agarwal.

  • Mr. Paresh Kapade, Hotels Segment 

Mr. Kapade of a hotel development firm installed Sainik plywood in guest room furniture. Kapade said, “The resistance to constant wear and the ability to endure moisture from Sainik 710 has been striking, as it has led to a drastic decrease in our maintenance spending. “

  • Avinash K Francis- Educational Institutions

Avinash K Francis in the arena of building educational centers, chose Sainik 710 for his school desking and laboratory furnitures. He talked about its ability to resist chemicals and rough handling. Sainik 710 exemplifies durability which resists the pressure from student behaviors while they use the furniture throughout the day, commented by Mr. Francis.

  • Sivaroopa-  Retail interiors expert

Sivaropa, a retail interiors expert, used Sainik 710 Plywood for displays throughout a premium retail store. She treasured the beautiful vitality of life and the way it could design itself up. “The boards had a smooth surface that made lamination and paint operations successful, which is important for making products that people will admire,” she added. 

  • Yoganand KS – Exterior Applications

In regards to Mr. Yoganand, who is a landscape architect and one of our customers, tested our Sainik 710 Plywood for exterior decking and garden furniture. The reality that the plywood was subjected to the exterior elements, however, did not deter it from effectively holding strong.  

Final Overview

Sainik 710 plywood’s versatile usage and stable performance throughout all the cases shown above indicate it is a reliable, superior-quality product. Professionals have embraced Sainik 710 which different type of vast project. It has long durability, is moisture resistant, and is decorative, thus making it the choice for preferred projects of all sizes assuring long-term satisfaction and value.

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