July 19, 2024
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The People Behind the Promise: Getting to Know the Team Dedicated to Your Success

Plywoods have become the frontline materials in today’s architecture and interior design industry for their durability, functionality, and aesthetics in pocket-friendly alternatives for hardwood for residential and commercial spaces.

Today’s market is flooded with different brands of plywood, amongst which many are duplicate ones of varying quality. This has made it challenging for buyers to make the right purchase decision even after rigorous research to obtain trust toward a plywood brand because it looks good on the outside, but in terms of its features, they don’t tend to be genuine.

Therefore, the common interrogation among many buyers is to know where to purchase genuine plywood of good quality and make a worthwhile investment. Luckily, CenturyPly’s CenturyPromise App has answered this question.

This is one of the latest initiatives taken by the company to build customer trust towards the brand and authenticate the genuineness and standard of the plywood. Scroll through this quick post to learn more about the dedicated team behind the promise before deciding to download the application.

About the CenturyPromise App

Counterfeit plywood is a major issue found in today’s market with fraudsters becoming more advantageous to scam customers by selling duplicate or fake plywood under the name of best-selling brands. This is a critical issue that needs rectification at an early stage.

That’s why, to help contractors, influencers, dealers, and end customers, the CenturyPromise App was released to ensure consumers purchase authentic products. The app was designed to verify the originality of the products purchased from CenturyPly in a few seconds. Just scan the QR code label on the product to verify its authenticity.

CenturyPromise from the People Behind the App

Getting scammed into purchasing fake plywood can not only waste hard-earned money but also result in poor durability in the long run. Here’s where the CenturyPromise App from the dedicated team can help prevent such fraudulent situations and prove the authenticity of all its products. Check out the helpful features to see whether every piece of plywood is the best quality after signing up with the application.

  • Viewable Product Details

Each CenturyPly product has unique specifications. Therefore, upon scanning the QR code, customers can check the product status and understand its authenticity. The scanned page also displays product details such as product name, thickness, plant name, size, and the product’s unique code.

  • Accessible History of Product Code

The app allows users to access the history page of multiple product codes previously scanned by the user. This feature is useful for later access.

  • Downloadable e-Warranty Certificate

Upon viewing the details, users can download respective warranty certificates for CenturyPly’s purchased plywood products as proof of authentication. The app allows multiple downloads that can be saved for future reference.

  • Sharing Feedback

Since valuing customers is CenutryPly’s prime motive, the feedback option in the app is the best way to communicate complaints, compliments, and reviews to help the team strive to enhance overall product quality.

Different CenturyPromise on Plywood Products

Apart from being genuine towards customers through the app to verify plywood quality, here are some promising highlights from the manufacturing team for all the specially engineered plywood products:

  1. Excellent Strength: All the products manufactured by CenturyPly are of premium quality, meaning they cannot be easily broken and can withstand cracking and breaking from external entities.
  2. Waterproof: Engineered with BWP grade, the products are strongly unreactive to water. Simply put, they don’t swell or shrink when installed in water-prone areas.
  3. Virus Resistance: With the revolutionary Virokill Technology, the plywood surface can kill bacteria, viruses, and microbes, keeping the house safe and hygienic.
  4. Termite Borer-Proof: CenturyPlywoods are intricately treated with chemicals to withstand pest attacks in the long run. Therefore, they do not allow pest infestation on the wood surface.


Knowing the product’s authenticity helps buyers build trust in the brand. That’s why CenturyPly constantly strives to find ways to prove its ability to deliver authenticated products. One such mode is the introduction of the CenturyPromise App, where customers can learn more about the team that works to prove the product’s authenticity so that they can make better buying decisions.

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